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Camera Dollars

 If you're anything like me, you clicked on this site because you saw something about photography that sparked your interest. 

Do you love to take pictures?  Are you the Papa or Mommarazzi of your household? 

Do your friends constantly tell you to "get that camera out of my face!"?  (But they ALL want to see those pictures of themselves, don't they?

Of course they want to see the pictures because we all like to look at ourselves, but yours are requested because:

You take GREAT pictures!!!


 Do you have files and files of digital photos saved somewhere on your computer?

If you're like me, you would never delete them.  But how will you use them? 


What about that beautiful sunset you saw that you just had to start snapping away?  Sure, they look great as your screensaver, but what if people all over the world had the option to choose that picture as their screensaver? 


Digital pictures

are in


right now!

Have you ever tried to search "free stock photos"?  You just don't find many sites for free.  That means, someone's getting paid! 


Why aren't you?  

This extremely affordable program shows the ins and outs of making money with your digital camera. 


After learning the secrets of the trade, you'll just snap, upload, and get paid!  Why aren't we all doing this?

Because not everyone takes pictures as well as you do. 


You've GOT to get this information.  Believe me.  It will change your life.

Picture it: 

Those pictures you take for fun...

can be



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